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Minimalist Bedroom Ideas for New Couple

A new couple does not have a great place to go rather than their new house. As the new couple, having a large house and rooms are quite difficult to reveal. It is not only expensive, but to clean it takes too much time. The most important area in a house for new couple is room. Therefore, the comfortable and convenience bedroom as the important aspects to reveal. Here are some ideas for the bedroom special for new couple.Minimalist Bedroom Ideas

Minimalist bedroom ideas for small rooms

Having a small room is not a big problems anymore if you know how to make it convenience. The first thing you should do is clean everything in it and find the small bed. You need the single bed because although its size is single, it enough for both of you. Do not put too many furnitures inside your room. It is important to have desk and small sofa, but try to remove the bi and wide furniture like cabinets and table set. Books cupboard does not need to put in your room although you love to read before sleeping. Put the sleeping lamp near your bed. You also can hang it on the wall to minimize the space used. Minimalist bedroom ideas for small rooms greenNow, you just have to find the great structural and placement things in your room. Put as many as spaces as you can by only put the important properties in it. You do no need to have more than one cupboards because one is enough and do not put your shoes rack there. The main point of the room is as a place to sleep and that is all. Minimalist bedroom ideas for small rooms is simple if you can make it simple. Minimalist bedroom ideas for small rooms whiteFind a great examples today and check the one that you love the most or you think it is suitable to your room. How to start decorate your small room? Clean it first and check how many properties could be put in it. You can have more than one, but make sure everything you have in it is the useful and important one to be put in your room. Decorate your wall by some of your photos, especially wedding photos.Minimalist bedroom ideas for small rooms

Traditional minimalist bedroom ideas

New couple should try to live traditionally and far from glamour. Since many things need preparation and future is still brighy and far, you have to make a good financial plan. What is it mean? Try to live as simple as you can and save more of your money. Traditional minimalist bedroom ideas can be a great idea for you. Traditional does not mean old style. It keeps look good and all you have to do is just arrange it in a good spot, so that it looks more than only traditional.Traditional minimalist bedroom ideas
Answer this question now, do you know the basic concept of traditional? You can ask your parent. It means you do not need to put television in your bedroom, especially the luxurious sleeping lamp. Minimalist bed is enough without the mattress in its various brand. It is enough for you to have the simple bed without special brand and the head bed does not has to be the thick one. The holder of the bed is iron which you can clean the bottom of the bed easily. How to start everything? Browse more and find the one you love. Traditional concept doe not ask you to decorate your wall with too many accents.Traditional minimalist bedroom ideas white You also do not need to put the wide cupboard and perfect blanket. The bed cover is cartoon with no warm effect. You do not need air conditioner too because a fan is enough or the two sided windows are enough. How do you know if you already set the traditional concept for your bedroom? The simple style is traditional, so if you finally find that your bedroom takes minimalist budget on its decoration and assets inside it, it means you apply the concept very well. Many new couples love to apply this concept as the beginning of their relationship life. However, not a few of them do not want to apply it because of its old style looking. Which type of new couple is you? Try another of this idea now! Check the last idea below.

Japanese minimalist bedroom ideas

Concept and ideas may come from anywhere. To create minimalist bedroom ideas, you can explore the style of any country. One of it is Japan. Japanese minimalist bedroom ideas are good to install in your room because it is not only unique, but also simple. If in the normal bedroom concept, your bed is always stay in a spot, you will not have it in this concept. It means that in this room concept, you should fold your bed when you wake up and put it off when you want to sleep. It keeps your room stays clean and it helps you a lot to be discipline on cleaning your room. There is also no many properties in the room. You only need the folded mattress or bed, pillow, standard blanket, small table and books rack. Japanese minimalist bedroom ideas whiteTo have the more minimalist concept, you can put the book rack outside the room and change it with the small one. Extra carpet is needed because you will sleep on the floor by mattress. Therefore, you have to put the best and warm carpet under your mattress.Japanese minimalist bedroom ideas wooden
Since you choose the Japanese style, you have to follow the Japanese habit too like put your shoes and slippers outside the room. Do not enter it inside the room, but you can use your socks. Japanese style, especially in minimalist concept will not have any toilet inside the bedroom. The color of the room and the lighting choice are two things to consider. Japanese style loves yellow lighting which takes lower energy consumption.Japanese minimalist bedroom ideas This style is also love to have the light wall room color like white without any complicate accents in it. Pure wall is enough. Playing with color is never. Remember that there is no air conditioner, but you will change it with an awesome blanket on the small table. It gives you the best warm and cold sensation. Explore more about it to help you get the meaning behind Japanese style. Modern Japanese style might a bit different to this explanation, but it takes a lot of spaces. We cannot say it as a minimalist concept, can we?Minimalist Bedroom Ideas Creative

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