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Garden Design Ideas For Smart Living People

A good house should have any spaces to plant to grow. It means this family donate oxygen source to the world. Plants are not only to produce oxygen, but it is also to refresh the family’s eyes and for sme families, it is used as a place to deliver their hobby. garden design ideasGardening is a good hobby because it learns us to be patient. To make you garden more interesting, you may try to select one of these concept. Whether if you want to combine the concept, you can do it as long as you have the enough space of the garden. Smart living family will treat theor garden very well because it is not only a place to deliver the hobby, but it is also a place to have fun with family.Unique garden design ideas

Garden design ideas with children’s play area

Family with children need a garden more than they wish or limited idea. Garden could be a good learning place for children. Therefore, having garden design ideas with children’s play area will be a good alternative to make children used to be with the nature. What is a good play area in the garden? It depends on your children’s age. However, most of children love to build a tent in it or just play with the sand. For girls, it must be fun to play as a chef and start to cook and make a fake cake. Garden design ideas with children's play areaBoys love to play ball, so you can plant more grass in it. Lovely flowers are good to the older children. They will get excited to know that their flowers grow well. It does not only for flowers, but it is also for any fruits and vegetables. They will happy to harvest everything they had planted before. In your garden, you can have a small farm and let the children play in it. It means, you may adopt a dog and a rabbit. Make it full of fun and live. For the detail of the ideas, you could see some examples here. All of it must be affordable.Garden design ideas with children's play area small

Garden design ideas with sleepers

It must be fun to enjoy the plants grow well, especially if you have colorful flowers in your home. It is not only flowers, but it is good to have one big tree on your garden. Depend on the space of your garden, but the greatest thing you could do is enjoying the air in it, especially in the morning. Morning sunshine is good to your health and it is your turn to enjoy it while having a cup of coffee and simple breakfast. In the holiday time, you could sleep and relax in your garden without worry about anything else. Therefore, garden design ideas with sleepers might b a good choice to you. You can relax, enjoying the air and everything in it and release your stress.Garden design ideas with sleepers
The good sleepers should let you face the direct air. In this case, the sleepers could be hang on the tree or it could be like a kind of mattress which put behind the tree. When the weather is good and not too hot, you can put the sleepers in the middle of the plants and on the grass, off course. It is one of benefits to have grass in your garden. How do you think about this idea? Is it sound crazy or little bit copy an Indian movie? When the afternoon comes and when the sun sets, enjoying the night air is also good for you. You could watch moon and stars and forget your bad day. It must be no bad day anymore. Make a small tent if you want to spend a night in the garden plus anti-mosquitos. You havea big role to make your garden full of benefits. Do you think you need another unique sleepers? You can check its availability online or offline. Sure, if you buy it offline, it must be difficult to find because there are not many people who want to sleep in the garden or having any garden. Ready or not, once you choose any sleepers, make sure it is waterproof and easy to clean because you will put it everyday outdoor.Garden design ideas with sleepers simple

Garden design ideas for small garden

Small garden has its own criteria to be used as the real garden. You really have to manage the space of it carefully. It does not matter the way you want to use to plant, but remember the egfevt of the plants root if you cannot limited its access. Therefore, using the pot is a good idea for you or you may use polybag or bottle as a place for the plant to grow. However, do not wish to have a big plant because it cannot grow well. The nutrition is limited and that is the truth you cannot avoid. Just for the advise, garden design ideas for small garden may not get mess. You may plant flowers, herbal plants, fruits, cooking plants, and more, but make sure it has a great nutrition.Garden design ideas for small garden
Small garden needs a great management of place because you have to concern the sunlight rate. This is a self challenge to you to understand the flowers and plants characteristic. Make it in a row for the heavy light plants and the low light coud be banging on the wall. Like orchids, they can live well without too much light. Roses too, but for herbal and cooking ingredients, you need to put it in full light. The harvest time or the insect attack is also a part of your consideration. Since the distance of each plant is closed, you should anticipate any viruses and diseases to come. Please be careful of everything which attacks your plant. When the leaves fall down, it is your turn to keep everything clean and make a garden looks tidy. Maybe not many people could do it. You have to concern the plus and minus side of it. No matter the small gardenis located, as long as you can have a better place arrangement, you will have a fabulous and colorful garden. You still can plant many plants because you could use the top space than only use the land space. If polybag looks not good, you may change it by clear bottle or wine drum. Unique and stylish, do you still doubt on your small garden?Simple Garden design ideas for small garden

Garden design ideas for backyard

No matter your garden is, you have the ability to make it awesome. Whether it is in the front of your house or in the backyard, to keep it looks nice and well-arranged is a must thing to do. You may choose a letter type as your garden design ideas for backyard like make it in L shape or U shape. Small pool may occur in the middle of it or you can let it as natural as it could. Check the size of you garden first before you decide any plan on creating it. Backyard is a good place to take a rest too. You may have a cup of tea every afternoon in it, so that it is good to have a bench in it. How about another thing to help you relax? Sleeping chair, sleepers, and small patio table are great combination to have. About the sleepers, you may choose the hanging one or not, but whatever it is, you do not need to get ashamed to sleep there.Garden design ideas for backyard
Since it is in your backyard, you have a chance to decorate it with bullet lamps. Colorful lamps that hanging on each tree will make a good sensation for your garden. Barbeque and dating in the garden would be more meaningful. Therefore, are you ready to have this idea in you garden? Garden is not a place to gardening anymore, but it could b a place to you to relax and enjoy your leisure time. Treat any pet will beautify your house too. How about the plant treatment in the backyard? You could prefer to plant it on the bottles, polybags, or let it grow well on the ground. Since it is in your backyard, you may select some to plant on the ground and the rest of them to be planted in any media. Keep the nutrition in the soil, so that you will not have any problem to manage the old plant, treat it better, or change it into a new one. You have to decide the longer age and easy plant to treat!Garden design ideas for backyard minimalist

Garden design ideas decking

Gardening is not always easy. To make a good platform of it, you have to think extra hard. The common design is decking. Have you ever see the concept of garden design ideas decking? How if you only have a small spaces? You will not find a great deck thn. Therefore, watch everything first before you try to have it in your garden. You also need to concern about the great plant in every deck. How will you arrange it? How many deck will be there? Let we make a good example for three decks. The first deck which in the highest place is good to place by the higher plants. It could be some kinds of trees, lemon, and roses. They are have a high log with many branches. It looks good from far. It is nice to see it from the bottom of your land.garden design ideas decking
In the second deck, you may have the shorter plants like many kinds of flowers such as orchids and kitchen plants like ginger and onion. Just make sure it will not grow too high and you will notice it if you have to harvest them. You may browse more plants which could be a nice samples for the second deck. Keep it tidy by giving an enough spaces for each plant. Is there any another thing you have to consider anymore? The third deck, this is ghe key point. The third deck will be the closest deck to see. Therefore, you should make it rapid, colorful, and eye catching. Some kinds of grasses are good to be put on it, but the greatest one is when you can have some shirt flowers like jasmine. Another short flower is different from one country to another country. Think smart to cut the grow of trees and flowers which spot in your third deck. You should see it ad the great view, so keep your attention on it. Remember that every area has its own preferred plants. If rose may grow well in your area, it is not sure to grow well too in my area. Climate and weather influence the grow of each plant. Fast or slow grow is depend on many factors.garden design ideas decking timber

Garden design ideas for long narrow gardens

No matter your garden size, you still have a chance to do the gardening hobby. Do not give up although you have a narrow garden. You may follow this garden design ideas for long narrow gardens. The focus is only on the place to put every plant. It does not matter whether you want to put the same height and width of the plants long the way of the narrow gardens, but please understand the view of the arrangement you have chosen. You do not need flowers for the whole garden space. Just for your idea, you may have two big pots in it and put it as the start and the finish spot of your garden.Garden design ideas for long narrow gardens Next, all you have to do is just fill the middle of it with tge small pots. Whether you want to use polybag, you can do it, but it is not too tidy. Choose another media of it.
Continue to decorate it by hanging some plants, leaves, or flowers on the wall, but when there is no wall, you may make a stick and hang it as you wish. By making extra spaces, you could plant many plants with many colors which made your eyes feel fresh. How do you want to fresh your eyes if you are not sure about your favorite plants? To grow fruits, you need extra attention and treatment. Be wise on choosing the seeds and check the characteristic of the plants. If it is a full light plants, you should put it in the right place that gets a lot of lights. Enjoy your day by seeing your narrow garden although you do not have a space to drink a cup of tea in it. Try to find a unique way to enjoy your garden and gardening activity. Hydroponic becomes an alternative if you do not have enough soil to plant everything. How to start everything for your narrow garden?starting point will not influence any effect to your point of view of your garden.Garden design ideas for long narrow gardens simple

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