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Wooden coffee tables are the best solution for any generation

Everyone has his own favor in everything and there is no exception to the furniture taste. Young and old people have their own mindset of furniture material for their house and wooden material is the only long life material. It means, young and old person love to have and use woods as the main material for their furniture. If you get trouble to make decision on your furniture material, wood is the best answer because old and young generation love to have it. Wooden coffee tablesThey just have to play in its shape and size. To get this material is also easy an the most of the important aslect is it has a high rate of quality. Everyone loves it because they may use it forever and make a memory with it. The great wooden furniture is when you can make wooden coffee tables with this stuff. How to make it and find the great shape and style of it to be accepted in every generation? Follow these steps.Wooden coffee tables with Glass

wooden coffee tables diy

How to make wooden coffee table diy? Check the collection first and you can browse it as you desire. After you find a model, try to analyze the way to make it. Separate it into some steps like find the kind of wood first, how to cut the wood and how many wood you need. Check the size, the shape, and the style you want and calculate all of it. You should measure it first, cut it, stick it or use nail to stick it. wooden coffee tables diyMake the top part first and then the legs. You may add the drawers in it and get the benefits of having it. Big or small of it should be suited to your space and sure, your family member. The last thing you may do is paint it or keep it in rustic style. You have a big role in this part. If you already have the wooden coffee table from your father, you can renew it by any paint color as you desire.Square wooden coffee tables diy

wooden coffee tables round

There are only two shapes of coffee table. Round and square shape are the normal shape of coffee table. What make the shape choice different? It depends on your favor and your concept of living room. If you have many family members, the square shape is better, but for the small family, wooden coffee tables round is a great option. However, to try this concept and shape by yourself, you will get the difficulties. The reason is because of to make the round shape takes a lot of efforts, especially in the process of cutting it. It is good to you to notice everything first if you want to make this shape by yourself. How if you want to order it? Round shape look great with sofa or only two chairs. Wooden chairs are the great match for this coffee table. You can have it in set. Remember that the round shape is not suitable for many people although you make it in large size. It is because of this table is a kind of private table for anyone to have the deep conversation. How about having no chair for this table?wooden coffee tables round
You may choose to sit on the floor and enjoy the coffee like what Japanese people do on their tea time. It is an efficient way to enjoy the coffee. To make the round shape looks more attractive, you can add ottoman on the top of it or you may choose metal material for its legs and bring it outside your house. Enjoying the coffee in the terrace is a good idea, or you can enjoy it in the garden. For the great quality of wooden furniture, you may choose IKEA as your best furniture distributor partner. Any color of wooden coffee table is available there. White is good for the round shape of it although the real wooden color is the best choice ever. The production cost of having wooden stuff is lower than metal, but you have to believe that everything you get is in a better quality.wooden coffee tables round Glass

wooden coffee tables rustic

The best style of wooden coffee table is when you can keep it in rustic. You do not need to put any paint or furnish it again. As long as you choose the great kind of wood, it means you are ready to have the original type of it. Wooden coffee table rustic is a great style to have in your house although you do not apply the rustic concept to your house. To add the rustic sensation, you need to put the coffee table near your fireplace. The good shape of it could be the square one. Simple wooden coffee tables rusticHowever, if you want to put it in you terrace or backyard, I suggest you to have the round one. Depending on the place you want to put it, you can combine it with bark as the bench and normal chair if you want to put it in the terrace. The rustic style will keep exist as long as you put the right matching stuff over it. Let say if you need to match the rustic coffee table with indoor bark. You can put the bark near the fireplace too as a great match of your coffee table.wooden coffee tables rustic
How about the cost needed on having this table? It will be cheaper than another type of wooden coffee table because you do not need to buy paint or furnish to decorated its style. To get the best and smooth result, you need to choose the high quality of wood and smooth it well, so that the top of it will have no hard parts anymore. How to let it outdoor? Wooden stuff has a high defense on weather. The direct heat may change its color, but the strength of it will never end. However, be careful to any insects because it could damage your wooden stuff. The rustic style of it which keep the original style of wood will be easier to get bite by insects. You should be wise to put it outside. Therefore, you must try to find the strong wood for it and be ready to spend a little bit more money for it.Unique Wooden coffee tables

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