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kitchen island with seating for various spot

One of important thing in the kitchen to support your cooking activity is kitchen island. However, the most common problem is the suitable place to put it. The first and important thing to realize is your dining room space. Whether if you want to put it in the kitchen, you still have to consider its space. If you want to put it including its seat, you can try to manage the place to you to put it in nice spot, so you can keep your kitchen looks tidy and neat. It also depends on the type of the kitchen island. Is it portable? Is it wide? Let us discuss one by one of it.kitchen island with seating

kitchen island with seating at end

Have you ever seen this kind of kitchen island? You can have your dish here and take your time with it because it has seats at end. However, it cannot be used for the whole family member. At the end of the island, you can seat while you cutting the vegetables or let your children see your cooking activities on the island.kitchen island with seating at end Kitchen island with seating at end is not designed to have a dish together because it just a place to sit while you do your cooking task or just waiting for the dish to cook and ready. How do you know about the best quality of this island including the great seats for it? Usually, the seat is simple with round shape on the top. It is made normally by wooden material. The chair should has a proportional height, so it supports the activity on the island. Is the color of it should be same as the island? It could be yes or not because everything is not in a set. Back to our focus, where will we put it? The great option is only in the middle of your kitchen space. The long kitchen island looks good to be put in the middle of kitchen and the seat is in the end. Make sure the seat will not disturb your access in the kitchen to fry, preparing and taking everything, and cleaning. Therefore, the function of having seating at end is to not make your kitchen looks full with too many stuffs.kitchen island with seating at end white

kitchen island with seating for both side

Another kitchen island type is kitchen island with seating for both side. What is it mean? This kind of kitchen island will ask you to put the high chairs in its both side, so that you will have a fuller view of kitchen. Avoid this type of island if you have a small kitchen. You will not have the enough access to do many activities in your kitchen if you use this type of island. What is the great color and material of it? You may use the wooden material or a combination between metal and wood. Whatever it is, it look good on set, so you are better to have the set of it. Try to analyze everything first like the great spot to put it because it takes a lot of space. kitchen island with seating for both sideA large kitchen may put it in the middl, but normal kitchen space is better to put it in the corner. Why you have to put it in the corner? It is because of you will not use the whole part of the island to do the cooking activities. You only need a part or some parts of it and the rest of it will keep clear. Therefore, the whole part only will be used when every body in your family gets dishes and there is no problem to eat in the corner, close to the window.Modern kitchen island with seating for both side
What is another thing you have to consider? It is lucky if you have the multifunctional kitchen island which means you have drawers in it. It helps your kitchen looks tidy and neat because the whole unnecessary things or cooking stuffs in package, including the utensils can be put there. To make it automatically looks clean and easy to clean, you could use marble material on the top of it. It is more expensive, of course, but it makes your kitchen looks more than just clean, but elegant and full of contemporary touch. Check more collections of it here and take one of your choice!

portable kitchen island with seating

Another unique kitchen island’s type is portable kitchen island with seating. Most people have ever seen this kind of island, especially in the hotel. To deliver the foods and beverages, hotel staff uses this kind of island. To put this thing at home, it is quite helpful because you can move it close to you or far from your side as you need. However, how is about the function of the seating in it? It might be quite strange to put seat in it because it is a portable island. Onve you eat, the island could be run from your side. Not many people use this kind of island, but one of their reason is just to get helped by this island during their cooking activity. They also can mov it anywhere they want without worry to limit their kitchen space. How do you know about this kind of portable kitchen great material?portable kitchen island with seatingportable kitchen island with seating white
Wooden stuff is thinner than metal, so that this kind of island is better to be made by wood rather than by metal and another heavy material. Since it is portable, you need the thin one, so it is easy for you to move it around. What kind of kitchen that suitable to have this island? Whether small or large kitchen is suitable for this, but the small kitchen will really need it. Do not try to choose the suit size for your kitchen because most of this island has a standard size. What I it mean? Standard size is the size which you can handle it well and move it around easily. It is because of when this item is too large, it will make you get some difficulties to move it around and control its motion. Sometimes, you will need extra drawers in it because drawers will help you to put many necessary things in the kitchen. Since the surface size of this island is not wide, it is good to you to save another complementary stuffs in the drawer. It is simpler than when you need something to put on your food, you have to find it in the kitchen cabinets.Simple kitchen island with seatingkitchen island with seating for 4 dimensionskitchen island with seating for both sidekitchen island with seating on 2 sides with pillar

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