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Blue and brown bedroom ideas : play with blue

Blue is not only for boys because blue has many levels. The first level is the lighter, the second is the intermediate, and the third is the darker. In this article, you will find many kinds of blue and how to combine it with brown. Why I tell you to combined it with brown? It is because of brown is a natural color of furniture. You do not need to paint your wooden furniture into blue because the good news for you is blue can be mixed very well with brown. Let us discuss it one by one here.blue and brown bedroom ideas

duck egg blue and brown bedroom ideas

Since blue has.many levels and one of it is the intermediate one, duck egg blue and brown bedroom ideas reflect the concept of intermediate blue which mixed well to brown. The brown should be the light brown like a rustic style of furniture because of when we mix two colors, there should be one which dominant. duck egg blue and brown bedroom ideasTo think about a great combination between blue and brown, all you have to do is think smart on switching it, if you want to switch between your wall paint color and your furniture color. Remember that one color is should be dominant and another color should be recessive and make sure one of them is eye catching or become the center of the view. How about duck egg blue as the center of the color? I do not think so it could be the center color because the fact of it which not too light or too dark is more suitable to be the resessive color. It is better if you can manage everything very well and do not only focus on the center or corner color.
Blue and brown still look good, no matter what happen although the point of everything is should make you get the convenience feeling and the comfortable sensation for the owner of the room. Duck egg blue wallpaint with brown photo frames on the wall is on trick to create a center view for your bedroom.

dark blue and brown bedroom ideas

The next blue level is dark blue. To manage dark blue with brown is easier because the dominant color will b the dark blue. You should put more on this color in your bedroom than put the brown in your bedroom. However, no matter the brown level you will put, raw or furnish furniture will keep good to look by this dark blue. Dark blue versus dark brown are also a good combination t choose for your bedroom. How do you know if you alread make a great combination of these two colors?dark blue and brown bedroom ideas
Dark blue and brown bedroom ideas will make your bedroom looks elegant if you know how to deal with it. Even if you do not use wooden stuff to give brown color touch for yout bedroom, it keeps look elegant if you use the brown marble or the brown granite. Think about the budget first before you make any decision and understand that everything in brown for furniture or wall decoration are good. The larger size of your bedroom, the easier way for you to manage everything in it. Having an ocean or beach concept is very possible if you have a large space of bedroom. Is there any another thing to consider anymore? You can have a light brown for the carpet as the sand imitation, starfish pillow on light brown too, and the normal brown for the table and the clothes rack. Many brown ornaments are available rather than the blue ornaments. Therefore, it is your time to see everything on detail and make your own concept using the mixture of dark blue and brown. You could have nautical concept and start to find the pirates tool and imitation. I will not say it is an easy way to do, you have to find it online if I is possible. There is not many bedroom vendor will give you a great options of theme, especially when the vendor does not know the place to get the supported furniture. When everything has done, the homework for you is to prepare the money for all. Making any concept for your bedroom is not as a piece of cake.dark blue and brown bedroom ideas For baby

baby blue and brown bedroom ideas

Baby blue an brown bedroom ideas is very suitable for babies. The light blue gives a nice effect to the babies, especially because of this color may make the babies sleep well. The large space of room with the good ventilation will be cool to be stayed with this color as the dominant color. It means, the baby blue should be the way of your wall paint, your bed color and the carpet color. In addition, the baby box looks too in wooden material and use the darker or lighter brown in it. The concept of blue and brown is not difficult to create in baby’s room. Babies do not need a table, chair, desk, so all you have to do is just put something smooth and easy to clean like the teddy bear, carpet, and the babies rack or drawers for their clothes. It looks good with the maternity chair too and you can find the brown one, including the light blue.dark blue and brown bedroom ideas For baby
How much do you know about the light blue? Your babies will love it. Do not forget to have the colorful toys for them to help them grow great. You could prepare the small table too to support you on making milk or just preparing something. Baby blue is a simple color and this color blend well to any color. Put the air conditioner too to help the babies get comfortable of the weather. You may have ventilation and the most important thing to you is the curtain. For tha baby blue concept, which is the main color for the bedroom is baby blue, you have to consider on having brown curtain. It just a suggestion to you to help you look good with your great blend of blue and brown. Dark brown steals your heart and help the babies know the color more. The most important furniture is everything for the babies and mom. Bath box, toys, maternity chair, could be in dark brown. Small portable island is also better to be in brown even light or dark brown. Now, it is the time to you to divide the bedroom space for the furniture.Minimalist duck egg blue and brown bedroom ideasLight blue and brown bedroom ideasgrey blue and brown bedroom ideas

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