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Modern Garden Design with Its Unusual Concept

Since it is a modern era, so it is the time to you to have a modern concept on your daily life like for your garden. In this case, garden means garden and all you have to do is to make it looks awesome, nice looking and have a good arrangement.Modern Garden DesignModern Garden Design ideas Here are some options you may have to create more than just a modern garden. If you have it in colorful flowers and pots, it seems too mainstream, so today, let yourself make it looks elegant with a nice arrangement of the spots for your plants.

Modern Garden Design Back of House

Normally, garden has two places to be put in your house. You can put it in the front of your house or in the back of your house. Wherever it is, make sure you get the best spot to deal which means you get enough spaces for it. Now, what you have to do is select the good plants to be planted in it. You can make a U letter as the main concept of your garden or you also can make L concept. Make it in a line and put the stones in the side of it. River stones are great, but the greatest is when you can make it colorful as the sign of your plants area.Small Modern Garden Design Back of House Modern garden design back of house can be everything you want since there is no one who see it. It is nice to have a pool too or pond in it. It is not a big deal if you have the secondhand stuff and reuse it to make a big change to your garden. Put the bench, bring out the fragrance flowers, keep the lighting become the focus lighting or just the standing lighting, and put a nice trees shape around the bench. It is better to add the swing too and everything will look like a great view in the noon and you have a best spot to relax and finish your favorite book.
Modern does not has to be expensive or full of expensive stuffs. You can reuse the secondhand stuff and think smart on put it in the right spot. To deal with the color is not a difficult thing to do as long as you have a concept. Mini waterfall looks nice on your backyard too, but to create a trully modern concept, you can use the splash water to always watering your garden. You will have the great wet garden now and it looks fresh every time. Garden looks great if it is wet because everything seems fresh and very relaxing.Modern Garden Design Back of House

Modern Courtyard Garden Design

Having courtyard is not always bad. You will have the best sensation of everything when you know how to deal with the courtyard size. Now, select the sport you want and it is a time to you to choose the size of the courtyard. If you think you want to have volley, you need to prepare the sand and pyt it inside the courtyard. Let the grass beside the square or let the pots of flowers around it. You may have this concept in front of your house or in your backyard. Which one do you prefer?Modern Courtyard Garden Design ideasModern Courtyard Garden Design ideasModern Courtyard Garden Design landscape
Modern courtyard garden design looks like the real modern concept of garden, especially of you can make it looks like stadium with the big standing lighting. The lighting will shoot every side of the courtyard, but I am sure it takes a lot of budget and you should have a large space of garden. Keeping the grass in its tidy size and shape is also your homework. Everyday, you have to deal with it and keep in your mind if you always have a choice to substitute something expensive. It will be a different story when you choose badminton as the court because all you have to do is inly a net. Install it and tied it in the middle of the two trees. Your homework to make a badminton court has done now. You do not need to have anything else than it and it is your time to analyze the missing point of it and what you have to do with the next step of your courtyard. How about mini football stadium? It is simpler than making the big and large one and you do not need extra standing lighting for it too. What you have to do is just make a line in the middle of the court as the sign of goal keeper and ball’s out. Create the line by pots and any stuffs which can be used as the sign. Whatever you want to do, keep in your mind that you still have to focus on the grass and monitor its growing. Another trees around it is just a complement of your courtyard garden design.Modern Courtyard Garden Design

Modern Garden Design with Pool

This is the trully modern concept of you can combine the pool and the garden. It is what the wealthy people have in their house. They have pool and they also have garden. It is very perfect. Modern garden design with pool is focus on the space left around the pool. The question is, what kind of pool will you have? Is it swimming pool or is it a fish pool? If it is swimming pool, you need a large space for the pool and create the garden in the loft space around the pool which maybe in square shape. You can plant directly on the ground for the simple flowers, but not the big tree. The fallen leaves will fall into your pool and it becomes a big homework to you to always clean it every day. Next, if you only want to have a fish pool, you have a larger space of garden and you can make a wonderful garden with many big trees which means it gives you a relax sensation or the cool situation around your garden.Modern Garden Design with PoolModern Garden Design with Small Pool
When you have fish pool, you can plant on polybag or pots just to make sure if everything is in your control. It means that you have to notice that everything you do gives a consequences to the pool and to your garden view. Put a mini waterfall on the pool is a great idea too. However, if you want to have a great view like in a villa, you can have round swimming pool and make a circle garden in it. How much money will you spend for it? Maybe you can calculate it very well, especially if you want to make a jacuzzi in it. Spend your time to evaluate and analyze the cost for everything. You also have to arrange the spot of the plants and flowers around the pool, so that it looks nice in your eyes and attracted. Keep to have a mini size of plants, so it is nice to see when you are swimming or when you take a bow for feeding the fish.Simple Modern Garden Design with Pool

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